A gang of naughty boys

Always first to splash in puddles, they lose all sense of carefulness as soon as they get together. Their limitless dreams find a joyful path as they embark on what they do best: creative friendly rivalry.

These “bad boys” are convinced that the best way to achieve great results is to hop over the ordinary, the obvious and the restrictions.

They deal with the rest with one principle: put one’s heart into it.

Truth dissolves appearances…

Atypical, rebellious, unreasonable? Perhaps…
Still, we are convinced that expertise and technical mastery strengthen the trust that our customers, or rather business partners, place in us.

…and vice versa

A kind of cheekiness

We owe most of our expertise and our vision of the world to an infinity of life experiences. All those experiences are rooted in the relationship we had as children with nature and the world around us. Our eagerness to create, our passion for images and words, originates from the magic of our childlike soul.

«… Our eyes always turn to the most obvious and confirm what we already know. Children are less conditioned than adults and capture the mysteries of what’s hidden behind, of withdrawn presences. Our little Tibetan friends haven’t been fooled. Their fingers immediately pointed at it. “Saä!” they shouted. Not that their mountain life had sharpened their eyes, but their child’s eyes refused to be led towards the certainty of the given. They were exploring the edges of reality. Definition of an artistic insight: seeing wild animals behind a banal facade…” »

SYLVAIN TESSON – The Snow Leopard