A Development Lab of Brands

FACTEUR-X excels at matching brand identity with brand language. Pascal Provencel, Brand Strategistand Founder of Facteur-X, created a range of Consultancy and Operational Design Services to add values to the brand and increase its capital.

We make a difference to trigger the preference

If you obey all the time, you forget
how to think, create, invent.
A brand is a living being
made of discourse…
Our memories never forget what we have forgotten…

Let’s now see the consumer as a complex person,
and no longer as a subject.

The economic crisis appears as a time crisis:
management obsessed with the short term.

Let’s not forget that an apparently new trend never appears ex nihilo,
but builds on foundations that can go back a long way. EXPAND, BE DIFFERENTIATED
Desire, basis of our ego, comes from the gap created by need

The true values of marketing lie in the mind of the consumers:
what they want and not what is available.

Consumption is controlled by beliefs.

Mankind built a future that reflects its ownpersonality:
fragile and unexpected.
What is marketing if not to understand mankind,
what surrounds them, their desires, their fears, their hopes?

Whatever you need, I am all ears.

Pascal Provencel