A gang of naughty boys
Always first to splash in puddles, they lose all sense of carefulness as soon as they get together. Their limitless dreams find a joyful path as they embark on what they do best: creative friendly rivalry. These "bad boys" are convinced that the best way to achieve great results is to hop over the ordinary, the obvious and the restrictions. They deal with the rest with one principle: put one's heart into it.


Always calm and attentive to others, Anaïs never tried to attract attention in the classroom. But she was never far from the gang of naughty kids. For the end of year show, she would turn us into Pierrot, a fox, Dracula… With a stroke of a pen, she makes someone look serious, with a touch of blue color it will get emotional, and with a touch of red and black she will remind you that the body is a weapon. Of seduction, of course.


The leader of the gang is straightforward: “If you are with me, I'm with you.” Always in front of the group, if there is a fall, better be the first. Pascal is not exactly a fan of well-behaved and too polite children. He prefers beautiful losers, tormented souls, unexpected personalities. In his movies, there is only one DNA: the critical moment. In other words, in the playground, there are those who love him and those who hate him.


There is always a kid that nobody annoys in the playground. This is Sylvain. Not that everybody is afraid of him. It's just because no kid will ever want to lash out at a magician. One that exalts what's banal. Nicknamed “Magic” by his buddies, Sylvain will make you dream because with him anything that deals with technique, feelings or the inaccessible seems remarkably simple. And he never stops smiling.


As always, some kids are just "better" than their buddies: better at skating, more agile, more relaxed. Simon must have been Jamaican in another life. He can master the light naturally, instinctively, intrinsically. Sim? He represents the emphatic side of the classy people, a personality trait facing extinction that hides behind his talent.


At school he would set the tone... in music class. Nicolas excels at playing with silences. When you talk to him, he will answer in a sharp tone but will always add a flat note to his words. Nico is a symphony of empathy for others and strongly believes that the world is more beautiful as soon as you lend an ear to listen to it.


He is probably the most even-tempered of the gang. The one who comes to rescue his buddies when they are in trouble. The one you want to follow, because he is so reassuring. He is always attentive to others, and no one ever clashes with him. Still, better not get on his nerves! His passion is to make faithful, relentless and accurate reproductions of reality. The day he will let himself loose, watch out…


Some are just better at drawing than anyone else in the classroom. And some actually read "Froth on the Daydream" at only 10 years of age. This is Fernand, so elegant with his punk touch. Not exactly a chatterbox, but not introvert either. He has a classy side, punctuated by some "No kidding!" Still, behind his kind of discreet attitude hides a hard worker, wild energy and transgression… Insolence can sometimes give incredible results….


If you play grease monkey with him, you won't have inserted your screw that he will have finished the helicopter. Enzo is never short of good ideas and always says: "with almost nothing, we can do great things". With him precision is not a mere coincidence, it is the product of reflection, experiences, relentless testing. He doesn't limit himself to the film set. He is also the master of lights and props. Eureka!


You always have a buddy who is more silent and discreet than his shadow. With Robin everything is easier, more flowing, less complicated. As all surfers, he uses the buoyant forces to go forward and never upsets them. Some human beings are like that, more agile than the great majority of people but above all more essential.